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Fox-Pitt, Kelton 3rd Annual Bermuda Insurance Conference
The Class of 2000/2002 - What's Next?

Chris Harris, Chief Underwriting & Risk Officer, Montpelier Re 8:00 am Eastern

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Latest Financial Reports:
Q2 Financial Supplement

2006 Annual Report

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02/24/07 8-K

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Tom Busher
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Head of European Operations
Montpelier Re Holdings

Tom currently serves as the Montpelier’s Chief Operating Officer and is an Executive Vice President. He is also the Company’s Head of European Operations and Non-Executive Chairman of Montpelier Underwriting Agencies (MUAL). From 1985 to 2000, he was employed by Wellington Underwriting, where he served as Director and Group Secretary and as Director and Secretary of Wellington Agencies. He also formerly served as Chairman of Lloyd’s Underwriting Agents Association and as a member of the Business Conduct Committee of Lloyd’s Regulatory Board and of Lloyd’s/FSA Liaison Committee. Tom is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales.

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