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Fox-Pitt, Kelton 3rd Annual Bermuda Insurance Conference
The Class of 2000/2002 - What's Next?

Chris Harris, Chief Underwriting & Risk Officer, Montpelier Re 8:00 am Eastern

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Latest Financial Reports:
Q2 Financial Supplement

2006 Annual Report

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Latest SEC Filings:

02/24/07 8-K

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Corporate Mission

Montpelier Re is a leading provider of short-tail reinsurance and other specialty lines. We aim to maximize long-term growth in value per share by pursuing the following strategies:

  • Maintain a strong balance sheet
  • Enhance our lead position with brokers and cedants
  • Combine subjective underwriting methods with objective modeling tools
  • Develop and maintain a balanced portfolio of reinsurance risks
  • Deliver customized, innovative and timely insurance and reinsurance solutions for our clients.

We follow an investment strategy designed to emphasize the preservation of invested assets and provide sufficient liquidity for the prompt payment of claims.